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Questions and Answers
As we state on our website, we accept paypal, major credit cards(Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Western Union, Telegraphic Transfer, we strongly suggest you contact with our support staff first before you make the payment, contact us
When you try to make the payment with Paypal or credit card, you do not need to worry about saftey issue at all, because we do not keep customer's credit card and Paypal information, nor do we have access to that. We use Paypal and Moneybooker, both of which are most reliable and popular payment porcessing companies, to process your payment. For some technical issue, we did not install SSL on the checkout page, because we do not need this security service, as all our payment processing work are handed over to Paypal and MoneyBooker
If you use Paypal to make the payment, one of the most common error message is:
Unable to process payment. Shipping address provided by the merchant is invalid
Most of the time, it happens because you did not provide the state/province information, which is a mandatory filed required by Paypal, simply, you just need to provide your provice/state info and try again

If it still did not work, please double check other information you provided, for they must match the info in your Paypal database, Paypal is very sensitive to the security issue.
If your shopping cart is empty when you try to check out, there are probably two reasons:
a. Your shopping cart session is expired
Your shopping cart session only last for 30 minutes, longer than 30 minutes, the items in the cart will be emptied, so you need to complete the order within 30 minutes. If you are a member of Africanpremier, you can add the item to your cart, which will last forever, and you can finish the order whenever you want, click here to become a member.
b. Your browser problem
Sometimes if you use an outdated browser, for example, IE6, it will not work for out site, we strongly suggest that you use Google Chrome to view our site, our website works perfectly with Google chrome, download Google chrome
The reason could be that you disabled your browser cookies, which will stop our website from processing your order, you can read this article to enable your browser cookies, How to enalbe cookies?
We use moneybooer to process our credit cards payment, and we do not have access to their code, but we will report any technical problem to their support team, we tested with Chrome and Firefox browser, they work fine with Money Booker, so if you have any problem with the credit card payment, we suggest that you use Firefox or Chrome to checkout.
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